How to Choose the Best Flowers for Your Wedding

How to Choose the Best Flowers for Your Wedding

By Jay Osborn  

Planning a wedding can be an extremely fun event. Choosing the best flowers for your wedding is yet another thing that can be exciting to do, but also daunting for some. The flowers you choose will carry the tone, theme and overall feel of your wedding through out the day. Here are a few quick tips that will help you pick the perfect flowers for your beautiful wedding.

Tip #1: Color
Choosing flowers that go with the overall color scheme of your wedding is key to making everything cohesive and will add to the overall appeal of the wedding. Taking swatches of the colors you have chosen for your wedding will help you and your florist to choose the best flowers to match your colors.

Tip #2: Flowers in season
Not only is choosing flowers that are in season going to be easier on your budget it will also be easier on you. It will save on the stress of locating the flowers and having them ultimately shipped in for your wedding. So many other things can go wrong on the day of your wedding, you don’t want to flowers to be one of those things.

Tip #3: Research
Research the different types of flowers that are not only in season but also the smell and look of them. By being armed with research and knowledge meeting the florist for the first time and choosing the flowers will be much less stressful. The internet is a wealth of knowledge so utilize it by checking out different wedding sites and eBooks that will help you to choose the flowers that are perfect for your amazing wedding day.



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