Planning for a Beach Wedding


 A Guide to Beach Wedding

By: Ann Lim
Beach weddings are becoming increasingly popular with couples. Beach wedding or destination weddings have grown into multi billion industry over the decades.
Being the most special and important event of the lifetime, many couples are opting for theme destination weddings at the popular beach resorts and venues.

It seems to be a trend that couples are spending more on lavish weddings. Some opt to have flower gardens or to have a fairytale wedding. The average cost for destination weddings can cost from US$20,000 to US$50,000, depending on the elaborateness and grandness of the event.

Some couples also model their weddings after celebrities. They hope to the ‘stars’ for the event. Some would even tell their wedding planner to plan a wedding similar to their favorite celebrities.

Whatever the scale of the wedding might be, do take note of the following:



  • Budget

Know your budget can try to work within it. Do not try to include all fancy items or to overdo it. You might find yourself out of the pocket if you do not practice some self restraint.



  • Venue

For a beach wedding, the venue is the most important decision to make. Find a place that has fantastic scenery or has fond memories for you both. Do think of what are the available accommodations for the guests. If you decide on an upscale resort with a terrific frontage but is really steep on the price, you might find that you would have a lot fewer guests.



  • Programs

Do plan wet weather programs. You will never know when the weather would turn against you. In order to avoid disappointment, do check out alternative wet weather venues. Do inform your wedding planner on this.



  • Wedding insurance

Why do I say that wedding insurance is important? For destination weddings, the risk involved is quite high as compared to a traditional wedding. Things could go wrong and thus it’s important to be prepared at all times. In case of a cancellation due to wet weather, you could be rest assured that you will get come compensation from the cancellations or postponement of the event.



  • Checklist

To me, this does not seem important as the wedding planner would be the right person to advise you and come up with the list. However, if you are on your own, you might need some help and one good resource is the Internet. Do take note that you do not use the checklist from the Internet in its original form. Customize it! Not everything that’s written is applicable to you. You might get yourself confused by the details.

Planning a destination or beach wedding can be quite taxing, so do exercise discretion and be patient in planning. You may find yourself enjoying the wedding preparation process!
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